Privacy Policy

We do not sell, give or make any use of our email account database. We will never email any user unless:

- User emailed us first
- we have serious questions regarding user uploads.
- we received a take down notice for one or more of user uploads.

We check and store user's IP during the account creation process and whenever user upload the audio file.

Topgaana doesen't store/record its unregistered user activity or voting, and clicking anywhere on the pages, cannot be tracked down to an individual, with the exception of the action of adding a audio to a list of favorite, because that action must be linked to a particular account.

We reserve the right to share all information in our possession concerning your account and site usage with third parties as necessary to comply with our repeat infringer policy, all applicable law, or to cooperate with law enforcement and the court system.

If any member want disable/delete her/his topgaana account she/he can do by emailing us. is a free hosting service for audio files. About 120 to 200 audio files are uploaded each day. Our pages (everything that you see hosted on contain absolutely no spyware/adware/trojan/etc. There is no charge (no hidden charges either) for viewing our audio.